One space for you to find all my yoga and pilates happenings!

Since I facilitate yoga and pilates at different locations, to make it easy for you to find me, I created a website. During the process of developing this site, I found it also helpful for my own centring and an opportunity to refine what it is I offer. There are many beautiful studios and recreation centres that I am a part of, and I am grateful to work with a diversity of people. I would like to start this new cycle by saying thank you to my employers at a Co-Creative Space, Meadow Park Sports Centre, Pemberton Community Centre, Pilates with Suny at Connections, Whistler Pilates and Yama Yoga! 

Some things familiar

As I continue to evolve my yoga practice, I look forward to facilitating my favourite styles this fall. In Pemberton, Prenatal and Stretch & Restore continue at A Co-Creative Space, and I will be facilitating Seniors Yoga and Stretch & Restore at Pemberton Community Centre! In Whistler, Apres Flow continues at Yama, and Yoga at Meadow Park Sports Centre starts up again in October. 
See my schedule here β†’

Some things fresh 

As some of you know, I have been "moonlighting". My full time career is being MOMMY to Tae, my part time career is yoga facilitator, and my latest endeavour is an apprenticeship in Classical Pilates! 
I am presently studying at Whistler Pilates. The journey so far has been humbling yet incredibly empowering. As the Pilates system feels so good in my body and brain, I am excited to share with you what I am learning. This fall I will be teaching a Pilates mat class at Meadow Park Sports Centre, Yama Yoga and Whistler Pilates. I will also be teaching privates in fully equipped studios both in Whistler and Pemberton at Apprentice rates.  
If you are interested in taking privates or classes contact me here, and I will send you the details! 

With infinite potential

Who knows what I might land on this platform in the future. I've got ideas for nutrition playshops, biospiritual health, children and family education, environment love and more...