Nutrition Information

Everyday new studies come out. I read about the new best diet and the new best super food, then I hear that that diet is full of oxalates and that super food is prone to heavy metal contamination. Meat eaters claim a vegetarian diet has too many phytates, and vegetarians blame the state of the environment on the meat industry. In our body, our cells are outnumbered by bacteria 10-1. Yikes! And what really is a phytate anyway? Some days I get so stressed about food, I wish I just didn’t have to eat! 

Cleanse Supporting Latte from  Whistler Tea House . 

Cleanse Supporting Latte from Whistler Tea House

But then comes all the joy surrounding food. How many times have you looked forward to a family meal or a dinner date? How many times do you click on a link with beautiful food photos? Do you enjoy playing in the kitchen, following recipes or inventing your own? And of course, how good does it feel to eat something nourishing and savour the taste? 

So how can you have your cake and eat it too?

In yoga, there is something called the Lila, or “the dance of forms”. The dance of forms includes all of our experiences of life. One way I like to visualize it is that the Lila is a hurricane, and at the centre of the hurricane is the eye. In the eye, it is peaceful: a pillar of peace. Can you visualize a mini version of yourself, perfectly present and totally healthy, sitting in this pillar of peace? Sometimes you might catch yourself twirling around in the hurricane. Can you bring yourself back to the pillar of peace? 

This meditation technique helps to disentangle ourselves from our experiences, so we can step out and see that there is always a place of peace for us to return to. 

It also teaches us that we have a choice in what experiences we wish to participate in, and recognize which choices may be better or worse for ourselves. 

When it comes to your interactions with food, can you exist in both the pillar and the lila simultaneously? 

Can you observe from a place of peace the effects that foods have on your body and brain? When you eat something, how does your body react? What about your thoughts? Let your interactions with food be like a science experiment. Test something out, see what happens, then make a choice from there.

Now, I am not not implying to ignore all “information” you hear and read. This information is useful if received from a place of peace. In fact interactions with information can also be seen as a science experiment! When you read something, how does your body feel? What meaning do you place on the information. And what do you choose to do with that information?

Come learn more information about nutrition with me in my workshop on Successful Cleansing, and I promise, I will balance the information out with experiential opportunities. With your registration, you will receive samples from Bulletproof for you to take home and experiment with, chances to win from Whistler Tea House and tasty treats from Living Light Coconut Tree!

Set yourself up for successful cleansing. All participants will receive a goodie bag from  Bulletproof  and treats from  Living Light Coconut Tree ! 

Set yourself up for successful cleansing. All participants will receive a goodie bag from Bulletproof and treats from Living Light Coconut Tree

Cleansing for Success

with Rya Letham 

E-RYT 200, RYT 500, BHkin and BEd

Upshift your yoga practice with a cleanse tailored to you!

DATE: Saturday April 30, 2-4 pm


LOCATION: Yama Yoga, Whistler. 


Topics of interest include meditation practice, 1 Thing goal setting, inflammation, parasites, heavy metals, nutrient bioavailability, natural dental care, tasty recipes and happy habits.