Pumpkin Spice Blended Latte


Amazing how quick my appetite changed back after baby was born! I went from pickles and tahini (not quite as rad as peanut butter) to sweets. Lucky I have a blender and lots of naturally sweet ingredients to play with…full of anti-oxidants, protein, oils and fiber.  

Lots of fiber is good for anyone anytime, especially postpartum! My solution: just add pumpkin. If possible, get a big fresh pumpkin (same kind used to for jack-o-lanterns, ideally unsprayed), cut into small pieces or blend, then freeze for future use. 

Inspired by the Dairy-Free Pumpkin Latte recipe from the Blender Girl, this has been my afternoon energy boost. I added a few more nutrient dense ingredients and essential oils, and I replaced the espresso shot with chicory root powder (to stay as caffeine low as possible).

Triple up with a raspberry leaf tea, and one of Aiko’s gluten free cookies (she halves the sugar in the recipe) from Lynx Cafe or an always creative nutritious and delicious treat from Heather Baker at Stay Wild, and enjoy!

1 c filtered water
1/2 c raw cashews
1 tbsp Dandi Blend (or dandelion and roasted chicory root powder)
1/3 cup frozen blended or fresh pumpkin
3 dates
½ tsp chai spice
dash pink sea salt
dash turmeric
2-3 drops doTERRA Lemon and Ginger essential oils
1-2 kale leaves

Sprinkle with:
pumpkin seeds

Add ice to serve cold