Self-Practice during Pregnancy


One of the beautiful things about pregnancy is that intuition tends to be heightened. 

If you are pregnant, take this opportunity to listen to your body. Observe how your practice feels different each day as your body changes. Explore what feels good and omit anything that doesn't feel right. The uniqueness of pregnancy allows for unique and interesting self-practice. It can also be an opportunity to let go of aspects of your practice that may not be serving you anymore. You may feel inclined to do less asana, leaving more time for meditation, or you may flow slower through postures, creating space for you to be more mindful and present to the sensations. 

Everyone is different in terms of how their practice evolves through pregnancy, and what they may or may not be able to do.

Two things I  recommend avoiding:

-"hanging out in your ligaments", which would include some yin style postures. You can still practice yin yoga, but either only stay in the pose for about 5 breaths or support yourself via muscle engagement or props.

- strong abdominal work postures such as Navasana (boat pose) and plank to chaturanga. This is the time to shift your goal of a "strong" core to a goal of "functional firing of appropriate core muscles" 

Find out what I mean by this at one of my workshops or classes.   

Two things I recommend doing:

-Positive self-talk. Shift fear thoughts to love thoughts. You can do so by saying a simple mantra to yourself, such as "I trust myself.", "I love you baby.", "Everything is awesome." or "I am ok."

-See a pelvic floor physiotherapist. They can provide exercises to practice and/or avoid based on your unique prenatal body. 

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