Pilates is my Happy Hour

From 8 to 88, check out some of the Pilates magic at the studio... 

What is Pilates anyways?

Pilates is a whole body system, focusing on creating length via core engagement. Pilates trains you to engage the core first before performing a task. 

Originally termed Contrology, mindfulness and conscious control of muscle engagement is one of the goals. In Classical Pilates, the core is considered the "powerhouse", which includes all muscles from the rib cage to the upper thighs. The muscles act as a team. Central to this team are the deep core muscles, including the TA, pelvic floor, diaphragm and multifidis. These muscles create the foundation for the rest of the muscles to "play the game" successfully.  

Exercises include both mat and apparatus work. The apparatus include reformer, tower, chairs and barrels. The reformer, tower and chairs have springs. Springs help to educate the fascia to become more spring like; they also assist is finding your core connection.

Exercises are performed supine, prone, seated, and standing. The exercises involve a dynamic relationship between breath, strength and flexibility, where each exercise focuses on a unique proportion of the three qualities. 

If you have injuries please check in with your health care provider (Doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor ect.), to confirm you are good to participate in Pilates, then contact me to book with Lindsay or I!