Resilience, Fascia and Pilates; what's the connection? 

My favourite word for new moms.

What is Resilience?
The ability to return back to your centre.  

Mentally, it can be defined as 'the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties'.
Physically, it is 'the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. ' ~Google Dictionary

The Pilates system has been my answer to developing physical resilience.

The Pilates system is a whole body workout including both mat and apparatus practice. Apparatus includes reformers, cadillacs, chairs, barrels and more. Apparatus have springs. The springs train your inner-spring system, your fascial system, to be resilient. Fascia is a hot topic in the yoga and fitness industry these days. We are learning how fascia is central to strength, flexibility and overall health. Fascia is the structure within which all of our organs including muscles and other connective tissues reside. Fascia is not only a home but a connection path between our body's tissues; no wonder fascia is so integral to our wellbeing.

Put it this way, I get up and down off the ground all day and in all ways with my kids, and I feel like a bouncy ball; it's fantastic! 

And I wish to share this with you, so we are offering semi private (2 people) Pilates on apparatus at Angela Simpson Physiotherapy, at an introductory rate of $175 per person for 5 sessions. 

Contact me to book dates and times!

P.S. Meditation and Yoga has been my answer to mental resilience. 
Join me for Stretch and Restore Yoga at Kula Monday nights 7:15 pm :) 

Photos courtesy of Polek Rybczyski.