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Core Confidence


Set a healthy foundation for return to exercise.
There are many changes that happen to your body during pregnancy and birth. It is therefore important to take some time to “retrain” your core. 
Learn what exactly is your “core”, ways to engage your core properly, dysfunctions to watch out for and Core Confidence exercises from Bellies Inc. 
This workshop is for men and women interested in retraining their core including prenatal and postpartum moms.

Contact Meadow Park to register: 604-935-7529

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Prenatal Wellness Retreat
10:00 AM10:00

Prenatal Wellness Retreat

Join Crystal and Rya at Kula Wellness Centre for a morning of movement and community connection.

Your Retreat Includes:
Prenatal Yoga, Meditation, Pre-Pilates, Core Confidence (from Bellies Inc), Nutrition Education, Birth Visualization, Journaling Circle, Pre and Postnatal Self-Care Exploration, take home resources and more!
Organic Plant-Based Lunch from Stay Wild provided.
Cost: $95
Inquire here.
Register here.

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to Apr 26

Prenatal and Postpartum Self-Care Series


Pregnancy and birth is considered one of the biggest changes in life. A time of change is actually a perfect opportunity to press the reset button. In this workshop series, learn how to weave self-care into your new daily routine. Holistic topics we will touch on include nutritional tips, mindfulness, exercise, and an introduction to functional core confidence. Wear clothing appropriate for gentle movement and stretches. 

This workshop is for pregnant and postpartum women; however, anyone interested is welcome to join! 

Thursdays 6:30 pm

April 5: Self-Care, An Overview
Taking care of self, so can take better care of others

April 12: Nutrition Playshop
Smoothie making for busy days

April 19: Retrain Your Centre
Functional core exercises

April 26: Yoga and Meditation
Mindfulness through movement and stillness

Contact Lole Atelier to register: 604-905-4667

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